I think I am a smart woman however I do on occasions have a tendency to judge first and understand later.

Ever person has a story, the janitor, your boss, the homeless guy at the bus shelter and so on. Most of these are untold stories things we are never privy too at first meetings or during casual encounters. We are conditioned to make assumptions based on what we see on the outside we are not taught to dig a little deeper and find out what is on the inside.

For example

The other day you might have snapped at a co-worker who might have assumed you were simply being a bit** when it reality you might have had a fight with your partner and didn’t realize you were taking it out on other people.

The homeless guy at the bus shelter he might have been your next door neighbour last year until his company downsized and he lost his job.

People all people walk with a story attached to them and unless you take the time to listen unconditionally and be empathetic that story may never be told.

So my lesson is to step out of judgment and try and understand there may be a 100 reasons why someone is acting the way they do. My goal is to be proactive instead of reactive. Taking the time to say “Hey I see you are very …… is there anything I can do to help or I am here if you need to talk or if you need some space just let me know”.

So I will not leap into assuming I KNOW what someone else is feeling or why they are acting a certain way.

I will not jump to conclusions,

And this will stop me regretting later that I never took the time to find out the story behind the person!